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New Poll: Should SeaWorld Face the Public?

January 24, 2014
Documentary film 'Blackfish'

Documentary film ‘Blackfish’

SeaWorld continues to come under fire for its response to the documentary film ‘Blackfish’. Today, the supposed leader in the captivity and display of killer whales side-stepped an invitation to debate the facts portrayed in the highly acclaimed film… instead opting for continued strategized press-releases.

SeaWorld executives refuse to defend their pre-prepared statements with any media outlet or public forum and also continue to block and/or suspend any member of the public that attempts to question or inquire about orca captivity on SeaWorld’s blogs and Facebook pages.

Though being awarded every opportunity to share their side of the story in the making of ‘Blackfish’ and author David Kirby’s book ‘Death at SeaWorld’, executives at SeaWorld have instead strategized to discredit both with predetermined corporate press-releases without opportunity for rebuttal, clarification or a debate on the facts.

David Kirby: 'Death at SeaWorld'

David Kirby: ‘Death at SeaWorld’

As a steward of these amazing beings, held and displayed under United States animal welfare regulations, should SeaWorld come forward and debate the issue in a public forum instead of hiding behind a veil of corporate self-promotion?

Please vote in this poll hosted by PollDaddy and let your voice be heard:

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  3. Amy permalink
    April 30, 2016 10:56 pm

    I don’t understand how people think it’s OK to keep orcas or any animal captive especially when they have showed signs of stress and trauma. These creatures have had their fair share of torture and unhappiness. For the amount of trauma they have been through, the amount of years they’ve had to work for human entertainment and the suffering they’ve endured, the very least they all deserve is to be rehabilitated and released into sea pens and eventually if possible, set free. Gosh why is it so hard for some people to see how horrible life is for these orcas and other cetaceans. Stop the suffering. It is not OK for any creature to go through any of this especially having its baby taken from them. How inhumane is that!

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