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Seeing is Believing: Tilikum’s Lonely Life after Dawn.

September 3, 2010
Since the death of animal trainer, Dawn Brancheau, at SeaWorld Orlando in February, the marine mammal park’s officials have maintained that Tilikum, the killer whale involved in her death, continues to live a rather stimulating life. From the SeaWorld Parks Blog: “Tilikum’s day continues to be filled with variety and stimulation, including time with other whales, participating in training, husbandry, exercise and playtime sessions and the opportunity to breed.”
Many have questioned if SeaWorld is indeed providing quality “care” for Tilikum (aka, Tilly or Tili) and if he continues to lead an enriching life in captivity as new rules were imposed which limits his interaction with trainers and the other orcas. There has been deep concern for how his reported isolation may affect the well-being of this intelligent, social animal.  After two full days observing Tilly and his caretakers, one woman tells her story of what she saw. Is SeaWorld living up to its claims?   

On February 24th, 2010 – at SeaWorld in Orlando Florida, a captive Orca (Killer Whale) named, Tilikum, brutally killed his longtime trainer, Dawn Brancheau. Ever since that fateful day the question keeps coming up; what will SeaWorld do to enrich this orca’s life and make his time there meaningful and worthwhile?

Orcas are held captive at facilities in North and South America, Europe and Japan, providing entertainment for theme park visitors. Currently there are 42 in captivity worldwide. SeaWorld and its chain of marine mammal parks in the United States is the largest owner of captive orcas in the world.  In fact, they own more than half.  Currently they have an inventory of 19 Killer Whales who are dispersed and or moved around between parks in Orlando, FL, San Antonio, TX, (6) and San Diego, CA (6). At this time, 7 of them are housed at SeaWorld in Orlando.   SeaWorld also has 4 Killer whales “on loan” to Loro Parque in Tenerife, as well a new baby, bringing the total to 24 that SeaWorld owns world-wide.

Tilikum is the largest male orca on record in captivity weighing in at 12,500 pounds (5,600 KG) and reaching a little over 22 feet in length (6.9 Meters). He was captured near Iceland in November of 1983 at about two years of age and sent to live at Sealand of the Pacific in B.C., Canada. He was obtained by SeaWorld and moved to Orlando to become their prize stud in January of 1992 after he killed a female trainer who fell in the water in 1991. In 1999, Tilikum was involved in the death of a man who stayed in the park after hours and was found dead in the pool the next morning. This latest incident with killing his longtime trainer, Dawn Brancheau, brings Tilikum to a total of 3 deaths which are linked to him.

*As a sidenote; there have never been any recorded deaths of humans by Killer Whales in the wild to this day.

Since the brutal and untimely death of Dawn Brancheau, SeaWorld has kept Tilikum out of the show “Believe” where he was the star of the “Splash” segment. One of his primary jobs at SeaWorld is (was) to come out towards the end of the show and spray the first 15 rows with water as he circled the pool. His other job there is to provide semen through mating or Artificial Insemination (AI) for the breeding program that continues today.

For the past 6 months (now 11), while SeaWorld conducts their own internal review, they have completely kept him from doing his segment in Believe. Considering OSHA handed down their report along with citations of “willful” negligence to the safety of their trainers on August 24th, it begs the questions: what does he do with his time? Why does SeaWorld hold on to him verses retiring him to a sea pen? What are they planning on doing with him in the future? And now that trainers are not allowed to come into contact with him, even at the water’s edge without a barrier, what does he do for stimulation? There are so many questions, so I went to see for myself what his days are like.   (It should be noted that since this story was written in September, I have gone back to see Tilikum regularily.  His condition and ‘lifestyle’ has not changed.  As of January 20th – Tilikum has been kept in isolation for 330 days, and counting.)  Read on.

 When we arrived the first thing in the morning on day 1, Tilikum was alone in the back pool (E pool) which has a covered awning.  The 6 other whales were spread out between the two front pools (B and C). When the gates are opened, they are able to continue on into the F pool and proceed directly into the Dining with Shamu pool (G pool).  This area has 3 underwater viewing windows in which guests of the park can view them when they swim by.

SeaWorld in Orlando has 7 pools in all, A – G. The section where “Believe” takes place is referred to as the “A” pool. D pool is a medical pool with a false bottom.  Kalina ( who died suddenly and unexpectedly on Oct 4), Kayla, Trua, Katina – (who gavebirth on Oct 9, 2010 ), Malia and Nalani (two small females) were relatively free to move around the Dine with Shamu pool and back into the F, C and B pools. Tilikum, however, was kept gated in E pool by himself. Yet, the workers I spoke with say they are all (including Tilikum) moved around throughout the day and are free to come and go as they please. This is simply not true. Tilikum was never able to come and go as he pleased.

Under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) separation is prohibited per 9CFR, section 3.109 – Separation.

Marine mammals, whenever known to be primarily social in the wild, must be housed in their primary enclosure with at least one compatible animal of the same or biologically related species, except when the attending veterinarian, in consultation with the husbandry/training staff, determines that such housing is not in the best interest of the marine mammal’s health or well-being. However, marine mammals that are not compatible must not be housed in the same enclosure. Marine mammals must not be housed near other animals that cause them unreasonable stress or discomfort or interfere with their good health. Animals housed separately must have a written plan, approved by the attending veterinarian, developed in consultation with the husbandry/training staff, that includes the justification for the length of time the animal will be kept separated or isolated, information on the type and frequency of enrichment and interaction, if appropriate, and provisions for periodic review of the plan by the attending veterinarian. Marine mammals that are separated for nonmedical purposes must be held in facilities that meet minimum space requirements as outlined in §3.104.

When the workers at the window told me (no less than 6 of them I spoke with) that they keep him away from the females at times because, “You know how frisky males can be.” I answered with, “Well then why not use birth control?” They said that, in SeaWorld’s opinion, it may mess with their brains.” These are answers that all of the workers at the DWS windows are telling people. I found it baffling because birth control is something that SeaWorld has absolutely used with their orcas in the past.

Tilikum showing his teeth in the viewing window

We watched the first show on day 1 which starts at 12:30 pm. They open the stadium approximately 45 minutes before the show. Trainers came by at noon to hose Tilikum down for about 3 minutes and after that gave him some fish.  They then rinsed out his mouth which is a necessary part of his daily routine because most of his teeth have been > manually drilled and are all but gone. <(See link.)  The trainers spent no more than 7 minutes total with Tilikum before getting ready for the show to begin.

Tilikum swam in slow circles or surface rested in the E pool and did so the entire show. At the time when the others were out having fun interacting with their trainers, he’s secluded off as though he is some outcast, and, without so much as a toy to play with. In the afternoon on the first day, the trainers brought a few of the whales to the F pool to have a training session. Tilikum was still alone in the E pool.

When waiting in the stands for the second show of day 1 to begin and watching Tilikum, I saw him being moved from the E pool to the Dining with Shamu pool (at 6 pm) and quickly left the show and went straight over to see him up close through the viewing windows. When he arrived to the pool he was given some minnow sized fish and, lucky for him, one of them had landed on the bottom. He came up to the window (showed his mouth – photo above) and then went down and picked up the little fish and swam around the tank in a circle with it in the tip of his mouth.  It was as though it was his little toy and amusement for the time. After 30 minutes, it finally fell apart, he lost interest, and let it go. We stayed there until closing at 7:10 pm.

Coming back early the next morning and seeing Tilikum in the same pool all by himself was quite startling.  He was simply logging (bobbing) listlessly and did so for nearly 3 and a half hours.  He has nothing else to do but bob in the water.  Here at the Dining with Shamu pool viewing window, there are employees who are stationed in one hour intervals in order to answer guest questions. When I asked the workers, “Why doesn’t he have any toys or something to play with?” – all four of them gave similar answers, such as: “We don’t want him to get bored with a certain toy so we change it up now and then.” Or, “For enrichment purposes they don’t want him to get too used to playing with the same things so they change his ‘routine’ often.”  Shocking and disturbing answer. 

When I told the workers as I watched him “napping” for over 3 hours that this type of behavior isn’t typical in the wild, they argued that it was. I said, “Not really because, orcas don’t normally sleep by themselves. In the wild they get close to their pod mates (Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins), synchronize their breathing, keep moving, and still dive – unlike Tilikum here who is vertical and bobbing in the water.”  The answer they gave to this was attributed to the fact that he is an Icelandic “transient”, therefore implying that transients are drifters and spend time alone. Of course I said, “That is not true, transient means they typically feed off other mammals such as seals and dolphins versus “residents” who are fish eaters.” Another point is – no one knows for sure if Tilikum was a transient or a resident when he was captured. Either way – both transient and residents stay together in matriarchal pods and have close family bonds for life. In fact, if he had never been captured from the wild, he’d be swimming next to his Mom at this very moment.  Something that Tilikum doesn’t have in this artificial setting at SeaWorld – a family pod.  Sadly, it is quite clear he is kept completely alone, something that would never happen in the wild.

Again, the thing that really bothered me was the fact that Tilikum did not have one toy in his pool – and since he is kept there alone – it would have been nice to see him at least playing with something. That said, I did not sleep over night in the park but, at a time when SeaWorld is under a microscope due to the penalties handed down recently by OSHA, you would think that during the day when the trainers are there and people (guests) are watching – they would do something more with and for him. I stayed at the pool and watched him from the first thing in the morning, until closing time. He did not have one toy, therefore, barely moved.

Tilikum unprotected from the blazing Florida sun

Also, in the morning of day 2 – (where he wound up staying by himself again until 6 pm when they moved him back to the E pool) – it is clear SeaWorld is also in violation of another AWA regulation about leaving a marine mammal under the elements without a shaded area for him to hide under in order to protect himself from the blazing Florida sunshine. E pool has a covered awning to protect the whales – Dining with Shamu pool, does not. He was there under the sun for no less than 10 hours.

AWA regulations state under 9CFR Section 3.103 (b). Facilities, outdoor.  Shelter. 

Natural or artificial shelter which is appropriate for the species concerned, when the local climatic conditions are taken into consideration, shall be provided for all marine mammals kept outdoors to afford them protection from the weather or from direct sunlight.

It also should be noted that Tilikum’s security guards are afforded shade in the form of an umbrella or covered awning.

As a person who has been monitoring the SeaWorld Orlando fan page of FaceBook over the past 6 months, what you are being told is happening with him by SeaWorld, and what is actually happening are two very different stories. When you ask SeaWorld, “What are you doing with Tilikum and what are his days like?”, they give you the same answer. “He is still interacting and socializing continually with the other whales, he gets just as much interaction, play, stimulation from the trainers and is doing very well.” – then they post this blog for reference.

Here it says that “Tilikum is no exception”, however, he is an exception. He is now linked to 3 deaths and clearly has issues with a couple of the other females as they are dominant over him, don’t blend well socially, so therefore, they are separated. Taima – Tilikum’s old mate who in June of 2010 died due to complications while trying to give birth for the 4th time in her short 20 years of life – was Tilikum’s “best friend”. The two were often together and now that she is gone, he is utterly alone.

As an aside, MMIRs obtained from NMFS FOIA state that Taima died from Uterine Prolapse. Prolapse is caused by a stretching of the ligaments that support the pelvic organs, causing those organs to stretch and ‘drop down’. And that is caused by her being breed far too young and far too often. It took her nearly 24 hours of labor before she finally died. It must have been a horrible and painful for her. Moreover, they couldn’t do anything and, in fact, didn’t know what to do (obviously), which simply reinforces the point that they should not be breeding whales in captivity.

Trua (a male orca) and Tilikum are friendly, however, in the 2 days I watched them – they were not put together one time. In fact, Tilikum was alone from 9 am on the morning when we arrived, until 7 pm the on the second day.

After viewing Tili for nearly 10 hours – two days in a row – I witnessed him in total isolation from the others over the course of those 20 hours. The others were allowed to mingle with each other, however, Tilikum was not given that opportunity on those two days. Now, again, I did not sleep overnight at the park but, Tilikum arrived from the E pool to the Dining with Shamu pool on day 1 at 6 pm sharp. He was still there at 9:00 am the next morning on day 2. Did they put a companion in with him at 7:30 pm – and take them out before 9:00 am? He was in a slumber when we arrived on day 2 so, I highly doubt it.

One cannot help but wonder – as sentient, intelligent, and aware these great beings are – how does Tilikum feel these days? He is definitely not appearing to be enjoying his time whatsoever. He barely moved from 9 am in the morning on day 2, and simply rested all day long until it came time to be fed. Once at 1 pm, 3 pm and 6 pm when they came with a bucket of ice and a few fish in order to lure him to go through the gate back to E pool.

Tilikum continually peers through the gate to look at the others

If he wasn’t sitting completely still, he moved 20 or 30 feet to go back and forth to the gate to peer over at the other whales having a training session. At one point during the end of the first Believe show on day 2, he went to the gate of the Dining with Shamu pool and tried nibbling on it as though he wanted out. He surely hears the activity going on. Even I could hear the show and my primary sense is not acoustic as his is.

He has to wonder — why? Why is he secluded, basically ignored and given no outer stimulation from an inanimate object such as a big ball or giant frisbee? Where did Taima go? And why can’t I be in the show? It’s heart-breaking really. Any sentient being would go out of their mind in such a situation. If they thought that Tilikum was dangerous towards humans or on the receiving end of aggressive behavior by the other orcas in this false pod situation before; what will happen to this poor soul if they continue to keep him separated, isolated, ignored, neglected and without the constant stimulation he deserves?

What I saw was totally unexpected. To be perfectly honest, I really thought he would have been with at least one of the other whales, interacted more with the trainers, and least of all, be active of his own volition throughout the day. He was none of these things. The word that kept coming to my mind and out of my mouth as I sat there watching him without pause was — “pathetic”.

I truly hope that SeaWorld will do the right thing and start looking into donating him to a foundation that is ready, willing and able to give him a better life such as one in a coastal sea pen. He could surely learn how to feed on his own once again, and even if he does not, there are caring human beings who would be more than happy to take care of his needs for the rest of his days. To think that he has the potential to live for a few more decades, it would be a tragic waste of a beautiful life if he continues to languish in such mundane conditions.    Here is a small video by Dr. Naomi Rose of the HSUS.  The loneliest whale in the world, Tilikum.

It is time to retire this beauty and get him in a setting that nature intended.

~  By Colleen Gorman

As a sidenote:  Since this was written, I have been back to the park on a regular basis to see Tilikum.  He is still isolated and not much has changed in this poor soul’s life.  They do not introduce him or even refer to him at the beginning of the Believe show as they do with the 6 others (including the new baby which arrived in October).  By keeping the pressure on SeaWorld and the awareness on Tilikum, we hope that they will have the heart to start treating him like part of the family versus the black sheep. 

To view more photos go to:

To view more videos go to my YouTube channel @

*To report violation of Animal Welfare Act:
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 1147 South Building
Washington, DC 20250

Phone: (202) 720-2511

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  1. September 21, 2014 12:03 am

    Have you ever considered about adding a little bit more than just your articles?
    I mean, what you say is fundamental and everything.
    However just imagine if you added some great images or videos to give your posts more, “pop”!
    Your content is excellent but with pics and video clips, this site could undeniably be one of the most beneficial
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  2. September 16, 2014 11:24 pm

    Hi in my opinion, I wished these parks never had existed. or as need their natural habitat. instead they use the or as to make money. I think it is good for polonium to take breaks gives him time to relax. I have had times where I think I would give my life up in sake to save these animals. (not saying I would) a figure of speech or maybe not.

  3. beyonce pereira permalink
    September 5, 2014 9:19 am

    I cried when i saw what they were doing to poor tillikum i wish i could do at least something to help him i want to stop captivity and release the whales seaworld is nit human they are worse than demons if thats the case i am12yrs old and i will fight for tillikum

  4. Earl permalink
    September 3, 2014 1:42 pm

    No matter all the petition and everything else everyone does it won’t matter this is all about money to them nothing else all there going to do is cover up or hide the wrong that they are doing and if they get caught doing something they are just going to let their money and their shady P.R people sweep it under the rug. If three people dying can’t get them to make a change and stop then I don’t know what else will. As long as the money is coming in for them that’s all they care about .

  5. Quin permalink
    August 20, 2014 3:27 am

    Its like they are waiting for him to die. Poor Tilikum, just release him or put him somewhere where he will be taken care of properly.

  6. August 6, 2014 9:31 pm

    Your letters, petitions, wishes and outrage are absolutely worthless. The fact is, SeaWorld is acting exactly as you would expect- protecting their investment in the only way they know how. It isn’t right, not even remotely, but corporations are unfeeling monsters who only follow the rules they are negatively reinforced into following (ironically, how they seem to view some of these animals in their ‘care’). Want to help? Raise enough money to found and run an orca refuge for retired captives, as they simply will not survive in the wild, then raise more to purchase these animals from their corporate slavers. See, that’s the problem these corporations can’t figure out- how do you spend money on retiring these animals with dignity, potentially indefinitely, when there are no financial repercussions to simply continuing the status quo, and, in fact, a huge financial cost to ‘doing it right’?

    If our branches of government weren’t totally useless, I would propose a hefty permitting fee (tax, essentially) that would cover:
    1. The costs for hiring auditors and conducting regular (read, every 6mos) humane treatment regulations
    2. The cost of running a sanctuary for retired animals once they have been determined to be incapable of working in their designated roles any longer

    In this way, you would force all the different corporations (and zoos) keeping and using captive animals to split and shoulder the cost of the regulatory agencies and sanctuaries needed to “clean up their mess”.

    These sanctuaries could continue to breed animals in captivity, perhaps recouping some of the costs by leasing animal services back to these parks and zoos.

    But lawmaking is fundamentally broken in the United States, so if you happen to have a trust fund to put where your mouth is, now would be the time to speak up.

  7. August 4, 2014 9:19 pm

    You know, most of these responses are from unthinking biased individuals who put so little value on human life and praise the intelligence of animals. I like to remind people that if whales, especially orcas are so intelligent then why is it they haven’t figured out how to alter their lives? They are savage beasts that hunt and kill for pleasure. Kudos to Sea World and others for what they do – even if it means using animals for monetary gain. They do not torture these animals. How many of you think it is okay to put your dog or cat in a kennel all day – most of you do so without thinking twice. You reason to yourselves that the dog or cat likes to be put in a cage – sometimes without food or water because they’re used to it. That way you can go about your business without being bothered. Seriously, wake up you hypocrites. You’ll put your dog on a leash – which I am sure is completely natural to them, right?? Right or wrong, Sea world is a for-profit business. They do what they do to make money. If these whales had half the emotions these young and ignorant women have who make stupid assumptions and comments regarding Orca’s then they would have readily known that their trainers are not to blame for their captivity. The Orcas would attack the right people now wouldn’t they?? You silly women. Think about what you say before you open your mouths and reveal to the rest of us you haven’t a clue about what you’re debating. You’ve watched too many cartoons. Animals don’t speak English. They don’t have reason and intellect as humans do. They have instinct which tells them they need to kill to eat. And in some cases, kill to be entertained. Perhaps you could broaden your horizons and do a study of Orcas in the wild. If you do you’ll find they kill simply to kill at times. So don’t put human emotion on these animals. They aren’t humans. And if they had a quarter of the intelligence you attribute to them they’d simply devise a plan to break out of their minimal security pens. But they don’t think that way now do they?? Instead they are at the mercy of humans, a much more intelligent species. I’m sorry that trainers have lost their lives with these whales. But they knew the risks. Sea World didn’t lie to them. These trainers simply like to attribute human characteristics to brute beasts. If these trainers seriously do not realize they are getting into a holding tank with a captive and extremely dangerous and carnivorous animal then the joke is on them. How many of you would go swimming with alligators, dive into a tank of sharks or deliberately jump overboard into a pod of Orca’s the next time you saw them swimming freely in the ocean? I fare to venture none of you would. Why??? Could it be because you know they’re dangerous flesh eating animals?? Think about that the next time you put your dog in a kennel and reason to yourself that he or she thinks just like you and loves you. Your family dog will eat you alive no matter how much you think you’ve trained it. Leave it in the kennel for a week without food or water and see what little “fluffy” turns into. PETA is full of hypocritical ignoramuses that decry the slaughter of animals and the deforestation of the planet yet are first to wipe their behinds with paper produced products and dine on seafood, chicken, and beef. Seriously? Do some of you even think?

    • Rodney Barbati permalink
      August 5, 2014 10:16 pm

      Wow! Self inflated or what?

      You said…
      “They don’t have reason and intellect as humans do. They have instinct which tells them they need to kill to eat. And in some cases, kill to be entertained. Perhaps you could broaden your horizons and do a study of Orcas in the wild. If you do you’ll find they kill simply to kill at times.”

      Now read it again, slightly changed, and it is still factual…
      “They don’t have reason and intellect as orcas do. They have instinct which tells them they need to kill to eat. And in some cases, kill to be entertained. Perhaps you could broaden your horizons and do a study of humans in the wild. If you do you’ll find they kill simply to kill at times.”

      And I don’t know about you, but putting a dog in a kennel for an afternoon or a week or two is one thing, but putting a dog in a kennel for 95% of its entire life is something I would not consider humane by any stretch.

      The thing is, humans have empathy (well, most of us do anyway) – consider how adverse you might feel if it was you in that pool, snatched from your entire family (all of which are brothers and sisters) at a young age, and forced to perform for your food. Imagine having your head in a glass bottle that entire time so that any sound you make is reverberated through your skull. Imagine having every one of your teeth drilled out. Imagine having your sperm taken from you so that a child of yours can be berthed and then taken from you, over and over again – and you, a creature that stays with its family for its entire life, have to suffer the removal of your own children 21 times. Imagine the hatred that would build up in you, consume you.

      Imagine how dead tilikum already is inside – he is damaged beyond recognition, beyond repair. It would be more humane to kill him than to let this continue.

      And FYI – Orcas are one of the few creatures (and I mean few, like less than 5) on this planet that recognize themselves in a mirror. Their brains are at least 2 to 3 times the size of ours – in some ways, they are already superior to us. They don’t have war, they don’t commit genocide on their own kind.

      And finally, you better hope that we never encounter alien life that thinks the way you do because if they are just 1% different from us, it will be you in that cage. 1% is all that separates man from the apes in our DNA, and you can see how well we treat the apes.

    • August 20, 2014 7:17 am

      It’s very clear by your rambling post that you don’t think. Is seems you did not even read this either.
      Comparing a domesticated animal to a wild one that was taken captive ? No animals belong in crates, that’s why those who abuse domestic animals by not providing proper care are arrested.
      Your assumptions in regards to those who protest Sea World, is pretty ignorant as well. Please don’t assume because you eat, neglect, and use animals that everyone does,
      PETA? What does any of this have to do with them? Their name was never mentioned once here. That does however explain your ignorance in regards to animals and those those who fight for them.
      Please do the environment and yourself a favor and get some education in regards to rehab, orcas, captivity in general, and animal rights, before rambling on further.
      The article is appreciated. Thank you sharing what the reality of captivity is for Tili.

      • September 16, 2014 11:36 pm

        if taking my life to free animals from all walks of life, I would do it especially. humane societies, I once thought that they were helpful they are, but they are not a no kill shelter. and they keep animals in these freaking cages. it is unacceptable. if anybody thinks that they are doing right siding with humane societies they are wrong. I am disgusted about it how can anyone think they are doing good? with not a no kill shelter?? I would want to die for them. someone did, Barry Horne, he cared a lot. some listened to him and he did save a lot of animals but he passed away. as long as humane societies exist, we are guilty (in my opinion) I don’t know what else to do. we can’t pretend everything is ok.

    • malinda permalink
      September 20, 2014 8:26 am

      u may be right but with our dogs, we put on leashes and in kennels, when they attack a human viciouly, we put them down so they cant hurt anyone else, we dont keep subjecting innocent people to a wild and dangerous animal, u r very un educated

  8. Rodney Barbati permalink
    June 1, 2014 4:35 pm

    And I didn’t even see any comments at all about the 21 children Tilikum has sired, of which 11 are still alive.

    These are creatures that live as long as we do or longer in the wild, and here we have 10 children which have died in less than 20 years!

    Obviously we are completely screwing them and ourselves up. Obviously, we don’t know how to raise or care for them!

    So why are we even discussing anything other than to stop keeping and breeding orcas (all of them) in captivity.

    This is not about only Tilikum – this is about ending captivity for all Orcas. They will have a hard enough time just surviving in the wild with us around, we do not need to help exterminate them individually in captivity.

  9. Cindy permalink
    May 26, 2014 10:30 pm

    When was this written? Is he still in isolation?

  10. May 26, 2014 9:19 pm

    Stop what you are doing to this killer whale he is unhappy

  11. Jess Henry permalink
    May 23, 2014 2:40 am

    I agree this poor fellow!! I’m also wondering how the vibrations from the shows affect the whales and Tilly. I have had fish tanks pretty much my whole life and the one universal rule is no tapping on the glass. Why? Marine life are especially sensitive to vibrations and vibrations cause high levels of stress to the fish. Stress can lead to disease, disease can lead to starvation, early death and becoming prey to the healthy. My point is, I not only agree that he shouldn’t be treated this way, but even in isolation and sad breeding circumstances, he must sense the excitement, or stress of the shows. Orcas are much more intelligent than fish. My fear is that at this rate he could become depressed and sick. I really hope something will be done soon!!

    • severine reniaud permalink
      May 25, 2014 11:39 am

      Je pense qu’il l’est! (Malade et déprimé), et certainement sous calmant puisqu’il a semé l’angoisse!!!. Biensur que Tilly ne comprend pas tout mais, il laisse simplement sa nature profonde s’exprimer, et cela le pousse à “ré-agir”. En relation direct avec l’homme, c’est avec lui et sur lui que son instinct de chasse (couler, noyer sa “proie”) s’ exprime. Dans Blackfish, on nous suggère de remonter à la source de son histoire, les conditions de sa capture pour comprendre. C’est juste traumatisant. Après sa capture, il s’est soumis, il a du apprendre à répondre aux demandes des “humains”, ce ne sont pas que des “G-O-entraîneur” mais des scientifiques ludiques, eux savent la vérité, il savent les danger, et la réalité émotionnelle et psychique de Tilly. Et on ne m’enlèvera pas l’idée que tous ces spectacles sont la vitrine d’étude comportementales, de recherches sur l’intelligence et le langage animal, et qu’une partie de l’argent du spectacle cautionne cette démarche… Aujourd’hui on voudrait nous faire croire que Tilly est un criminel??? Ce bel animal, redoutable certes, à l’état sauvage, n’est pas plus criminel ou cruel que les lionnes envers les gazelles, ou que les rapaces avec les rongeurs…l’isolement, l’aliénation que traverse Tilly dans son bassin de la Sea World (what a wonderfull world!!!) est criminel. C’est juste scandaleux qu’au XXI l’homme n’ait toujours pas “changé”.

  12. May 19, 2014 12:15 am

    Do you think he might not like being raped (masterbated) and his relatives impregnated, do you think one of his kills was a message? Stripped him (this is sexual) bit his genitals off (your hurting me) straddled him across his back and swam him dead above the surface around the pool (i will kill you but i don’t want to) they ignored that and sure enough he killed his trainer, sealand alreay admitted to cruel training procedures, he killed his trainer, seaworld took him to breed him, kept raping him, they’re intelligent and it makes you wonder, i don’t think he was playing, i think he knows he’s being violated

    • Jessica permalink
      May 22, 2014 6:25 pm

      Thank you for pointing that out, I’m grateful to you for that. It has been hurtful to have most of the focus be placed on his killing trainers, whilst the inhumanity and violations and predations he suffers at human hands are something that we find atrocious to have inflicted on others. We do know that human beings treated in such ways are traumatized by such actions, and yet, an animal with a larger emotional center (which we somehow fail to acknowledge as also meaning MORE intelligent) would somehow enjoy being made a sexual object and sexual slave, worse being responsible for the sexual assault, potential murder by complications during pregnancy and forced breeding of his own children and grandchildren – how would a human male or female feel about that, about watching their children or grandchildren being treated like that, what would they think about being treated in such a way? I’m pretty sure we have laws against that sort of thing for very valid respectful humane reasons. Again, thank you for pointing out that piece that most others seem to want to ignore…He is being raped and he is watching family being raped, and his own female partner murdered by forced breeding…

  13. Sharon Marshall permalink
    May 8, 2014 2:23 am

    Please, please…. please!! Free Tilicum!!!
    Thank you!!
    Sharon Marshall

  14. Gina permalink
    April 27, 2014 4:34 am

    Hi everyone. Sign this petition to free Tilikum now.

  15. April 16, 2014 1:08 am

    I think the people who run Sea World and anyone who works at Sea World should be dragged out and thrown over board in the middle of the ocean and left to fend for them selves.

    • Lydia McPherson permalink
      April 16, 2014 1:21 am

      That is hilarious……….and what makes it even better is I KNOW you mean it!!!! They sure deserve something like that……..maybe leave them on an ice flow and see what predator gets to them first……..

      • mom permalink
        May 24, 2014 12:18 pm

        yeah. alone in a foreign environment and held captive and tortured. then starved and isolated and finally killed by orca. nah. that still isn’t enough

  16. April 15, 2014 1:52 pm

    This includes things like repairing holes in the walls or broken windows.
    When the end of the rod has reached the inspection hatch;
    screw the next rod onto the first one and continue pushing up and rotating the
    rods. For that reason, this ought to not be taken
    for granted.

  17. Laura permalink
    April 11, 2014 6:56 pm

    I totally agree we should all send a letter to him and do something about this

    • rachel permalink
      June 3, 2014 3:33 pm

      it wouldnt make difference

  18. Laura Ryan permalink
    April 11, 2014 6:13 pm

    Titilkum might not survive out in the wild now , keiko was released but died after. What he needs is a bigger tank and put other whales in with him for interaction, also for the trainers to go back petting him and show him the love after all it was humans that were selfish enough to capture the ORCA and to start using him in shows, he is a wild animal at the end of the day they don’t realise there own strength he was playing but he does not knowing what’s going on and it’s not fair. Dawn would be very unhappy now about the conditions of titilkum she knew she was taking a risk all the trainers do but if they feel so strongly about this there in the wrong line of work. I have 2 wild animals 1 is a wolf other is a horse they were both captured I rescued them as they were in very bad condition and old at the end of the day I respect them they are still a wild animal but everyday they have huge fields to roam and yet there treated with respect and love they deserve I knew the risk I was taking on but it was worth it they now have a good home

    • April 11, 2014 6:31 pm

      You absolutely right, they have no respect for the animals they abused for years. They slave them till they either die or they kill someone, then they put them in isolation for future tortures. Our Government protect the whales near shores, by not allowing our ships to go faster then 8 knots, to avoid hit migrating whales. ( I am Merchant marine on US Ships) but they don’t give a rat
      axs about the mammals they are in captivity. That’s a very strong signal they are just contradict their own policy. OSHA should have the power to Find and suit the Sea Worlds for abuse and inhumane treatments of animals in captivity. We care so much for dogs and cats why not for Whales? There is something about humans no one will understand. I still believe our Government need to intervene in this case. I would like to ask President Obama if he took his kids to Sea World? it is heart breaking. We nee dot stop this. Let them go free or like you suggest build bigger sanctuary for them to live happy life, if tit is too dangerous to send them free back to the ocean.

    • mom permalink
      May 24, 2014 12:35 pm

      Dawn was part of the problem. Loving your captive does not make it right.

      • Jess Henry permalink
        May 24, 2014 12:55 pm

        Please do not be offended, this is just my personal opinion. I watched Blackfish, as I’m sure many of you have. I think we all agree that it would be amazing to have a personal encounter with a whale. It’s hard for me to put too much blame on the trainers because I think they are either naive or lied to by corporate. I think they are simply normal people living out their life long dream, not having a true desire to harm the whales. I believe that some either ignorant and the ones who chose to be ignorant should be enlightened. If a true animal caretaker knew all aspects then they might stay for fear that if they quit the next trainer might not love the animal to the same degree as they do. I worked at a horse and donkey farm as the main stable and animal caretaker. I loved those animals but did not initially realize that the lady I worked for wasn’t friendly or fair to the animals. I just saw the add and applied for the job knowing my love and experience with horses. I wanted to quit several times. I was over worked, under appreciated, under paid and yelled at. I stayed because I loved the animals. I could have called animal control or the police. But I was afraid she would fire me and either the animals would be re homed and separated ( many were brothers and sisters) or she would cover up the truth, I’d be fired and the next person may or may not love them as much as I did. So I stayed as long as I could and when she hired extra help, I trained them and taught them to show compassion, especially to the stubborn animals. I think it’s important to instead of pointing blame that instead take action, like many of you are. Picket, sign petitions, volunteer, be active. Actions always speak louder than words. But for those who pray or hope, please know that any rescue takes more than volunteers. It takes money and educated people to care for animals. If they free Tilikum, he may die, if they put him in a holding net out at sea, he may still need veterinary care which isn’t cheap. Hope and be active but choose your words carefully, you never know… The trainers might be on your side and you don’t know it.

        • Jess Henry permalink
          May 24, 2014 2:49 pm

          I’m sorry for writing so much, but something else I read and wish I could copy the site but I lost it. One trainer had mentioned that She was not happy with the treatment of the whales. She noticed that out of boredom, they would chew bars and the corners of tanks which cause their teeth to become chipped or fall out. In order to keep the tooth from getting an abscess or infection the vet Jim McBain ( I think is his name) would extract the tooth altogether. When Jim was asked by outsiders why the whales had filed or missing teeth he told them to tell visitors that they had to remove or file bad teeth and that without good veterinary care they would have gotten infected. The trainer was horrified because she knew the truth but was told to lie. If I find the site I’ll post it, it was very informative. Either way I think the trainers are threatened and encouraged to lie to give SeaWorld a good “face”. Also if you are curious my step mom raised horses and my dad was an aquarium enthusiast : )

      • Lydia McPherson permalink
        May 25, 2014 2:29 am

        I agree that the trainers are part of the problem, also, but, at least, the whales get attention and affection from the trainers while they are in captivity. They get fed from them and love from them and they “play” with them, etc. I wish Tilikum STILL had that in his life……..instead of being alone and lonely. Whales need attention and interaction and creative play, ESPECIALLY while being in captivity. It really is all that they have. So Sad.

    • Lydia McPherson permalink
      May 25, 2014 2:23 am

      After what they have done to all the wildlife in their Sea World parks all over, I think that is too good for them, also. They will never know the depth of the damage they have done and continue to create. I agree with Laura Ryan when she said ” What would Dawn think and feel of the treatment to Tilikum now”????? She loved this whale and did what she did everyday for her love of the whales, and especially Tilikum. It is sad to know how her heart must break for him now………lonely, separated and raped repeatedly for little whales that will never know what it is to be “FREE” and to live in the wild as they were meant to be. They should NOT be allowed to continue to do this. You would think they would leave the baby with the mother in captivity to let them have some happiness and semblence to their old lives……..but, they even strip that from them and separate the calf and mother soon after birth and send the baby to another park. How cruel and inhumane they truly are!!!

  19. April 11, 2014 3:37 pm

    Can we create Petition to Free Tilikum? let the Sea World Lose him go Free to the Ocean where they all belong? I know sounds crazy to ask the Government to intervene but do we have any other choices?

    • T.J.Homsi permalink
      May 6, 2014 12:10 pm

      Hi Czeslaw, go to and sign the petition.. free tillikum.. pass it around.. we need a million signatures.

  20. Laura permalink
    March 21, 2014 9:26 pm

    I would love to have titilkum he is the best whale ever it was not his fault, he is a wild animal and to be ignored like that is cruel he does not know right from wrong, it was bad enough been separated from his family and now leave him on his own it’s cruel, I would be happy to go over and work in sea world with titilikum and give him some friendship and love that he is used to and needs

  21. David permalink
    March 2, 2014 11:55 am

    Whales’ brains are as big as ours. Their part of the brain which processes emotions is even larger than the equivalent part of humans’s brains. Their family groups are even more stable than humans. An orca pregnancy is 18 months, and once it gives birth, it’s child NEVER leaves it’s side. Captive orcas physically shake when played recordings of their family whistling, even years after being seperated from their pod.

    Tilikum was kidnapped from his family in the most brutal and psychologically traumatizing way possible. He was plucked away from his mommy as he cried and she shrieked. His pod desperately tried to follow the boat in vain so they could rescue him from the whalers. Afterwards Tilikum was placed in a small enclosure wih two aggressive females who abused him. Today his sperm is used to produce even more wild orcas for seaworld to keep in tiny tanks and do circus tricks in a small concrete pool so seaworld can continue to rake in millions of dollars in revenue off the suffering of these majestic creatures.

    One day we as a species will have to symbolically beg forgiveness from these beautiful whales. We didn’t know you were just like us, you loved your family even more than we do. We didn’t know you could feel loss and grief. We subjected you to the worst psychological torture and torment for our own demented amusement and profit. We didn’t know but now we do. Now, no one can claim ignorance anymore.

    Today Tilikum lives in a tank smaller than the home of the CEO of seaworld. I’m so sorry Tilikum.

    • March 25, 2014 2:19 pm

      I am so moved by the plight of captive Orca; it hurts deep in my heart. I just wanted to thank you for doing your part to raise awareness & bring about change in this matter. I wish I could meet Tilikum & play with him. How could such a magnificent being be kept in complete isolation? I hope & pray that he is moved to a sea pen or other greatly improved living situation soon. Please keep us updated!

    • Jess Henry permalink
      May 24, 2014 1:15 pm

      Oops, I meant to hit the like button and accidentally hit the didn’t like, so please ignore the negative response.

  22. hunter permalink
    February 24, 2014 1:15 pm

    it is simple, it is not for education about whales….it is simple to understand….MONEY!!! MONEY!!! and more MONEY!!!

  23. Linda permalink
    February 19, 2014 10:08 pm

    It is disgraceful to keep these extremely intelligent and beautiful animals held hostage, creating an unhealthy environment, poor health conditions and mental dependency. What kind of people and Nation are we?

  24. chris davies permalink
    February 17, 2014 9:32 pm

    Well….. a passionate debate indeed. The fact is that as humans, we are very arrogant indeed in keeping any wild animal in a tank. Yes Tilikum has been involved in 3 deaths, but then if humans hadnt gone in the water, so ignorantly they would still be here. Do I feel sorry for any of them? No. They should have found an alternative career instead of forcing an Orca to do tricks infront of people. When an Orca is born, do you think it aspires to work at Sea World!? NO it does not. Using animals for financial gain is disgusting. Im not surprised poor Tilikum has been associayed with 3 human deaths, its not his fault, get him freed along with all the other Sea World Orca’s!!

  25. Michele Jankelow permalink
    January 25, 2014 9:46 am

    The tragedy of human greed and interference with nature! Truly sad beyond words!

  26. Jamie permalink
    January 24, 2014 4:06 pm

    First of all, the first trainer who fell into the tank was taken to the bottom by Tillikum, but was tossed around by three whales (probably playing) and drowned!! The second guy was a moron who hid I side the park after closing and either fell In or jumped in, so maybe he was (playing) with him and he drowned!! Dawn’s death was also an accident!! When you get In the water with a 12000 lb animal you are taking a risk!! Just like with a lot of jobs, you put your life on the line….

    • FreetheOrcas permalink
      February 10, 2014 4:48 am

      Wow, what an ignorant person you are. The point is that they, all of the SeaWorld whales, are suppose to be just free and swim the 100+ miles a day they swim would they be free!

    • Carrie permalink
      February 16, 2014 12:44 am

      Not one of those deaths was an accident. Tili isn’t stupid and he knows what he’s doing. He has been treated like crap all his life and at this point he’d be better off dead. These animals are extremely ill-suited to being kept in captivity and the smarter they are, the more they suffer, the more enraged they can become and the more damage they do when they snap. The only reason why places like SeaWorld haven’t been banned is because they tell lie after lie and pay lawyers instead of making conditions better for the animals.

    • Kirsty permalink
      April 1, 2014 8:25 pm

      The point isn’t that people are ‘stupid’ enough to go into the water, the point is that an animal such as an orca should not be confined in such a small space. Imagine being stuck in a room with nothing in it and you’re only allowed to leave for a little while, all the time not interacting with anybody else. THAT is the message being portrayed here, the injustice of mistreating an animal who was forced into captivity and has been unfortunate to be involved in these tragic incidents. Yes, he may have been playing, however it MUST be understood that he shouldn’t have to resort to playing with humans when he should be in the wild,or at least have enough stimulation to not feel the need to attack humans. Either way you look at this, anyone who has Orcas held in captivity clearly need to re-evaluate the care they give for the welfare of the animal.

  27. alison permalink
    January 23, 2014 1:49 pm

    my previous comment was aimed at ted bundy jr btw not the poster above me…

  28. Ted Bundy JR permalink
    January 15, 2014 5:56 am

    This is truly hilarious

    I think its great that all the morons of the world come to one place to agree with each other.
    Is it wrong that this animal was captured as a baby and put into captivity? No doubt.

    Does that justify his deliberate murder of 3 people ove the last 30 years? You dumb asses who want this psychopath released are dumber than dirt. He’s a menace to humans. He kills them at will. The best argument for releasing him into the open ocean is that he’ll soon be killed or just die in the elements.

    You imbeciles should go try to explain to the families of the 3 people he murdered how he is justified in killing them because he became frustrated or annoyed by them. Imagine what would happen to me if I just decided to start killing anyone who annoyed me. I’m sure I’d have all you geniuses clamoring to my aid to have me released since murder means nothing to any of you.

    Watch the damn video. They describe the Orca brain as being more developed than a humans. They communicate, feel emotion, learn, and reason as well as humans.

    But apparently the whale version of Ted Bundy is a glorified victim or at least a misunderstood product of our deranged society. No he isn’t. That whale is a cold blooded murderer. You want to start a petition? Get one signed to have him pay with his life for the 3 people he murdered. Then we can talk about open ocean sanctuaries…. once the crazed monster is dead.

    • Lydia McPherson permalink
      January 16, 2014 4:57 am

      It is terrible that 3 people lost their lives to Tilikum. I feel terrible for their families. But, those trainers also do a dangerous job for a living. Orca’s aren’t called killer whales for no reason. They are quite high on the food chain and because of their massive size and enormous teeth they are well equipped killing machines if they are hungry or view you as a predator or threat to them in the open ocean. These trainers KNEW about his background and CHOSE to swim, dive, and do tricks with him. They ALL had a choice. Tilikum never had a choice. You can bet if he did, he certainly wouldn’t choose to be at Sea World in captivity being a clown several times a day. Whales and wild animals are not to be trained to do tricks like a domestic pet at the expense of their happiness, instinct, and their very lives, disrupted and foreign to them. Sea World KNEW about Tilikum’s background and CHOSE to bring him to their marine park and have people work with him. Gee, maybe we should capture a great white shark and do tricks, swim, and dive with it, too, at Sea World!!! What you, and they, don’t realize, is there is NO training a wild, live animal. You can’t expect an animal to be taken from it’s mother and family pod, abused all of it’s life, and attacked by its own locked in the same tank, and then be put into isolation in a cramped space with no stimulation for this intelligent, majestic creature that was meant to be free and with it’s own pod…………..and expect there to be no incidents such as these. Quite frankly, I am SURPRISED that there aren’t more reports of these occurrences happening much more frequently. If anyone did that to a child, they would be incarcerated for life, and deservedly so. Yet, because it is an animal……….you show no mercy. So, it seems to me that YOU are the “IMBECILE” here, not anyone else. Especially comparing the whale to a serial killer………PLEASE!! Just because whales are highly sensitive, intelligent creatures does not make them human. And by the way, boy genius, HUMANS are the ONLY ones who KILL for NO reason. MAN is the true “ANIMAL” in every sense of the word. Also, if you truly watched “BLACKFISH” and read this blog…… would know that the people who truly are informed and want to help TILIKUM only want him to go to a sea sanctuary where he can be as free as possible under the circumstances, and be with his own kind. Not abused, and not made to be a puppet for the public and the almighty dollar for Sea World. You obviously don’t know what the hell you’re talking about as if you did, you would know that part of the abuse he suffered at MAN’S hands was that they drilled his teeth out of his head and that is the REAL reason he cannot be freed to be in the open ocean. He probably would not be able to catch and kill prey anymore, thus, would NOT survive. That is why the informed ones on this blog want him to go to a sea sanctuary, to be protected and to live the rest of his life out in peace and harmony, if there is such a thing for him anymore. So, the next time you feel like “SPOUTING OFF” about the rest of us, do me a favor and just “SHUT UP”. Don’t bother to leave such rude and negative and STUPID ILL-INFORMED nonsense. Go to Jerry Springer’s blog for that!!!

      • Kelly permalink
        February 23, 2014 12:23 am

        Lydia,you said it all,Thank you for being so passionate.

        • Lydia McPherson permalink
          February 23, 2014 2:32 am

          Dear Kelly, Thanks for reading my long-winded reply to “the Imbecile”. I AM very passionate about animals and how man treats ALL of them. I am especially passionate when I hear ignorant humans talking out of their butt over something that is very heartbreaking and never should have happened in the first place. RIP Dawn and the others who have perished. Their blood is on Sea Land and Sea World’s hands.

      • Pam Edwards permalink
        March 30, 2014 11:41 pm

        A reply to ted bundy jr..Shame on you ! He is not a monster ! He is that way because of what the greedy cold humans did to him since he was 2. Every trainer loved him even the 2 he killed. Ever heard of displacement anger? You’re the imbecile. All this beautiful creature wants is a family pod, some love.

    • alison permalink
      January 23, 2014 11:27 am

      urs is the most moronic comment I have ever read

      • February 4, 2014 9:46 pm

        awesome reply, Lydia! Ted Bundy, you are an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Lydia McPherson permalink
          February 4, 2014 11:25 pm

          Thank, Nelia. I am glad to see their are others who feel the way I do, too. Lydia

        • April 11, 2014 6:52 pm

          I just replied to Mr. Ted Bundy JR – comments.

    • March 20, 2014 6:13 am

      Ted bundy you are a complete Pratt. This beautiful whale should be released. The trainers had a choice in what they do. He has no choice in his life taken away from family locked in a small concrete pen .what can you expect from him. Shame on all those trainers at sea world for the part they play keeping him a prisoner there they don’t have my sympathy .

    • April 11, 2014 6:50 pm

      Mr. Ted Bundy JR – What it is the most sad moment in your Comment you profanity and language you use towards other people. You don’t know who they are. The are American’s I am sure. You have no idea but there is many very intelligent people who writes the comments. And if you would consider yourself “INTELLIGENT” you would not use this kind of language towards your fellow American.

      So join the club of the:
      – morons of the world
      – dumb asses
      – imbeciles
      and many other words you would like to use but maybe you run out of steam. I know you going to say Free Speech. You maybe right, but who give you the right to insult people? I feel offended by your comments. And I feel like you have very much so physiological problems. People just making comments here, they not here to fight you. So please refrain yourself from using profanity toward other people. it is so NOT-American. And the orca project should delete your comments. but I guess they don’t care either, because they do not read this comment.s At least my work is done here.

    • Jess Henry permalink
      May 23, 2014 2:44 am

      First off a netted area in the ocean, isn’t releasing him, it’s just giving him a better quality of life. Second there is nothing wrong with having compassion. Just as you have your opinion, respect others.

    • mom permalink
      May 24, 2014 12:51 pm

      Ted Bundy Jr, You are hilarious. Please go to Sea world and jump into Tillikum’s pool so he can have a moment of entertainment.

      • sofia permalink
        May 25, 2014 1:28 am

        Well put. Go jump in with Tilly

    • Margui permalink
      May 28, 2014 12:34 am

      Ted Bundy Jr. : Tilikum has no fault in those 3 deaths. He is a whale, who doesn’t know the right from wrong. He is not a monster, but a poor animal who is suffering captivity for years. Would you like to be lock in a small cage the rest of your life, without seeing your family and friends? He is Sea World’s sperm bank. Being touched inappropriately by the trainers in order to collect his semen by force; to me, is like being raped. Also, he is living in a small tank and have had suffered the aggression of the other orcas and his health has been poor; his teeth are drilled because of an infection. He is also depressed. It’s time for him to be released to a sea pen or to his home with his family, if is possible.

  29. Chris permalink
    January 12, 2014 1:11 pm

    Correction: WHY are there more than 20 Petitions to release Tilikum on This is ineffective and dilutes the votes. Can the seperate petitions be consolidated to have more meaning and voting weight?

  30. Chris permalink
    January 12, 2014 1:08 pm

    WHY are there more than 30 than 20 Petitions to release Tilikum? This is ineffective and dilutes the votes. Can the petitions be consolidated to have more meaning and voting weight?

  31. January 8, 2014 8:25 pm

    Please go to and sign the petition to put him back in the ocean. There are only 90,000, and so many more are needed. Sign the petition and then use the model letter to send SeaWorld in Florida. We need great momentum and people acting to get this done. Boycotting SeaWorld would be a great start.

  32. Mary H permalink
    January 4, 2014 9:17 pm

    I watched Blackfish today and first let me start by saying I’m sorry for ever going there for allowing my child to go there for even thinking about taking my grandchildren there . I’m horrified to think that my hometown would allow such a deplorable life for such a beautiful creature !

    • January 8, 2014 8:26 pm

      The story and word should be spread and ask people to Boycott SeaWorld if Tili is not returned to the sea. If we hurt them financially, they will respond faster than a petition could help

  33. Jessica permalink
    January 2, 2014 7:50 pm

    I just watched Blackfish and I will NEVER visit Seaworld. My children will never visit Seaworld. My tombstone will read “Never Gave a Dime to Seaworld.”

    I will roll over in my grave if my future grandchildren ever squeal and clap their hands while watching an ENSLAVED Seaworld Orca dance and splash for them.

    • Ashley permalink
      January 9, 2014 5:05 pm

      I think you are wrong

      • Michele permalink
        February 17, 2014 4:33 am

        Don’t think…it’s painful for the rest of us.

  34. Sarah permalink
    January 1, 2014 8:29 am

    I have just watched Blackfish today. It makes me really sad and angry to see and read that Tilikum is by himself most of the time. No toys and no interaction with other whales? I’m an animal lover and it makes me really sick to the stomach how Seaworld treats him!!! By watching the film, a lot of things came through my mind and I will NEVER look at Seaworld the same. I really do hope (in the near future) that places like Seaworld, would NEVER EXIST and every bit of traces of it to be gone forever. I really hope that the young visitors that visits the area never have the thought that it’s right to capture wild mammals and place them in areas like this. It’s wrong and it was totally wrong for people to capture him and to steal him from his mother!! It’s heartbreaking for me to see an orca, like Tilikum, to be isolated like that all day long. Imagine yourself being in a isolated place the whole day with no interaction with others. Not just one day but every single day for the rest of your life?!! It’s never right to do this; humans or not. This is not acceptable!!! I wonder if they even thought about that. Animals have emotions too. Animals can get depressed and lonely too and yet they call themselves trainers!! Do they not undestand that? I’m so mad. Agh, it frustrates me how humans can be so cruel to animals. It’s not right and they should be ashamed of themselves. I would never be proud of myself if I was the owner or the worker there. SHAME ON YOU, SEAWORLD. SHAME ON YOU!! I really do hope he will be freed soon and all the orcas there. They should never be there in the first place.

    • Roxie permalink
      January 1, 2014 7:31 pm

      I agree….I just now finished watching Black Fish. I myself dont agree with the upbringings of Tilikum. It’s foul to use such a beautiful companion for your own pleasure to get money. Its sad and very isolating to leave him alone…..hasnt he gone through enough torture and feeling alone.? And for the trainers now that are still working with Tilikum. …dont you feel any remorse? Or denial? If it were your own baby taken away and isolated. …how would you feel? Even humans that are prison doing time… least they can still see family, talk to family and even have yard time with others. I guess I can only hope that Sea World would over the controversial of Tilikum and free him into the sea.

    • Roxie permalink
      January 1, 2014 7:38 pm

      I agree….I just now finished watching Black Fish. I myself dont agree with the upbringings of Tilikum. It’s foul to use such a beautiful companion for your own pleasure to get money. Its sad and very isolating to leave him alone…..hasnt he gone through enough torture and feeling alone.? And for the trainers now that are still working with Tilikum. …dont you feel any remorse? Or denial? If it were your own baby taken away and isolated. …how would you feel? Even humans that are prison doing time… least they can still see family, talk to family and even have yard time with others. I guess I can only hope that Sea World would overcome the controversial of Tilikum and free him into the sea.

    • January 8, 2014 8:28 pm

      Please go to and sign the petition to free Tilli. Also asking families to boycott all SeaWorld’s would get him released faster than a petition. Hurt their pocket book and they will jump to action

    • Lydia permalink
      February 16, 2014 12:26 am

      I hope he dies soon. He’s had a horrible life and they will never let him go.

      • Lydia McPherson permalink
        February 18, 2014 3:31 am

        Whales live LONG lives in the open ocean, not so long in captivity, unfortunately. All of us on this blog, do not want Tilli to die, but to be sent to a Sea Sanctuary or an area that is not so reclusive for this beautiful intelligent creature. A place where he can roam and have more freedom and be with another pod, etc. Tilli could never be truly free again in the ocean, as sadly, he probably wouldn’t survive. Sea World COULD do that for him, though, to let him live out the rest of his life a bit more normal than being caged and alone at Sea World.

  35. December 31, 2013 6:09 pm

    So I just watched a documentary called black fish and I am disgusted .seaworld claims love animals, to know everything but actually they are abusive ,upright liars what they are doing to this whale is evil and it needs to stop honestly I can not believe that that poor whale is still in captivity. I have been to Sea World and I am now ashamed of myself for not even thinking that something like that could be going on for believing that possibly those people care about the animals. all of the animals all of the animals will see justice suffer for what they have don

    • Kathy S permalink
      December 31, 2013 6:54 pm

      Thank you ….

  36. misty permalink
    December 31, 2013 3:27 am

    It is very sad what wild animals are put through. They deserve freedom. People will do anything for money they are heartless for animals. They have no love for animals just love for $$$

    • amanda permalink
      January 2, 2014 2:30 pm

      Freedom? Do you have any concept of what would happen if you “freed” these animals? They’d die. They can’t survive in the wild anymore. SeaWorld has no love for animals? Are you aware they’re the largest conservartory in the WORLD? They rescue injured and orphaned wildlife and nurse it back to health. But nope, nope, they just care about the benjamins, right?

      • January 2, 2014 4:33 pm

        hmm…have you seen the documentary “Blackfish”, Amanda….? How can anyone be defending SeaWorld after all the atrocities they are still committing with the whales they have in captivity…..? It is absolute torture and abuse to have them in isolation, no toys, living in tanks that are too small for their size, impregnating females artificially at an age that the females would NEVER be impregnated in the wild (way too young), separating the young from the mother while the calf is still considered an infant, causing these beings immense trauma, basically depriving these sentient beings of everything that is important and natural to them. SeaWorld being a conservatory….? That’s just not the truth, Amanda.

      • Sophie Nuttall permalink
        January 5, 2014 2:03 am

        Dear Amanda, I think all of us who have gone to the trouble of reading and investigating about the truth about orcas, are a bit shocked by your comment. Many whales have been released back into the wild, after rehabilitation. Please think through what you are saying. Even if they died in the wild after five years, it would be the best, five years of their life. How can you write those things, after watching the likes of Tilikum sitting in a tiny tank day after day after day without ANY other whale to communicate with?? Conversation needs to promote wildness of WILD animals, if not, it is not conservation.

      • Lindsey permalink
        January 5, 2014 7:54 pm

        Amanda, Maybe you should spend a little time researching what you are talking about before just putting your opinion out there.

      • January 6, 2014 12:17 pm

        Dear Amanda and all alike,
        You are dumb, (unless you are like under 16 which may give you a pass). Educate yourself. duurrhhh… “are you aware Sea World is the largest conservatory?” ….that is stupid. humans like you are stupid. you are why I believe that god keeps wiping our species away with great floods. kinda ironic, eh?

      • Jana permalink
        January 6, 2014 12:27 pm

        Amanda- do you work for Seaworld? Please wake up and don’t be so naive.

      • Haley permalink
        February 23, 2014 10:58 am

        Have you ever heard of an orca named Keiko? He was the original Free Willy. He was captured and moved around from park to park in his young life. A trainer named Colin Baird (who also worked with Tilikum at Sealand) took a special liking to him and worked with him at Warner Brothers Studios. He started an initiative in 1993 and Keiko was eventually freed. He was forced into captivity when he was 3 years old, so once it came to light that he was going to be set free, Baird worked with him and trained him to be a wild whale again.
        If whales can be trained to do silly waves with their pectoral fins, splash audiences with their tails, and touch a ball with their nose, don’t you think they’re smart enough to learn useful behaviors too? Well, that’s what Colin thought, and he was right. He worked with Keiko and tracked him via satellites. Keiko weathered a storm and made it to Norway safely. He had even managed to feed himself during the journey.
        Since your beloved SeaWorld is SO reputable and concerned with conservation, I’m sure if they were to free the animals, they wouldn’t just drop them off and hope for the best. It’s not like leaving a kid at daycare for the first time.
        These are majestic, highly intelligent creatures. It’s sick that Seaworld is basically pimping their captive animals out to turn tricks (literally) and then neglecting them while no one is around. Except in Tilikum’s case, of course- they make that blatantly obvious.

    • January 8, 2014 8:30 pm

      Be proactive against the cruelty you described. Go to and sign the petition to release Tilli. Ask families that you know to boycott all SeaWorlds, especially in Florida. If you can take away their profits, Tilli would be released faster than a petition could get it done. There is also a model letter you can copy send to SeaWorld Corporation. Please.

  37. Robin permalink
    December 28, 2013 1:30 am

    As a want to be marine biologist I have always loved SeaWorld, I wish observe marine life and create a bond with them, like the trainers.But after watching Blackfish, I see that Seaworld does the exact opposite : they torture these poor creatures. One – if they knew of the killing by Tilikum before buying him, they should not have gotten him, but they just used him as a sperm bank anyways. Two – the killings were Tilikum’s way of saying “I dont want to be here! Let me go!” I honestly dont believe Tilikum meant to kill, but instead wanted to rebel to show his pain, not realizing his strength. Three – look at his upbringing! Im sorry but if I would have been abused by others on a daily basis, i would have snapped, too. I also cant stand the fact that SeaWorld seperates the young from their mother! Thats just horrifying. The babies never leave there mothers, so for them to seperate them is just plain cruel. I will never go to SeaWorld again unless it is to stand outside with a riot to free the whales, especially Tilikum. Thank you to whoever decided to make Blackfish for opening up my eyes to the horrifying events that occur in this “family friendly” place.

    • January 8, 2014 8:33 pm

      And I am doing something about it. I found and there is a petition with 90,000 signatures so far to go to SeaWorld. Also telling his story to friends, hosting a party and watching Black Fish to get support. Asking and emailing everyone you know to spread the word and boycott SeaWorld parts. Especially where Tilli is.

      • April 6, 2014 4:06 am

        God I hope this works, signed the petition!

  38. December 26, 2013 11:40 pm

    Just watched Blackfish and feel like a jerk for ever going to Seaworld. I will never set foot there again. I feel very cheated because none of this information is ever told to the public. I wish I knew this before. How can I become active to save whales from captivity?

    • amanda permalink
      January 2, 2014 2:32 pm

      Gasp. You were never told that there where WHALES IN CAPTIVITY? If you never knew about animal captivity before a hyped up documentary that’s your own dumb fault.

      How to save whales from captivity? We aren’t capturing whales anymore. It’s been illegal for 30 years. They work with the whales they have, and breed them in captivity.

      Some of you need to get your heads examined.

      • January 2, 2014 2:54 pm


        WOW. Let me tell you that the only person that needs her head examined is you. It is incredible how people can be so ignorant and disrespectful as you are (yes, I have read your other replies to other people). So, let me enlighten you since you seem to be too dumb and arrogant to understand this simple concept: before you pass judgment on other people’s statements, you ASK first, THINK second, ANSWER last.

        First, I am a lawyer. My law school concentration is in environmental law, with a pretty good deal of classes in the Endangered Species Act, I am even a contributor in a ESA blawg (law version of blog). So, I do have some knowledge about the law against capturing whales. Therefore, don’t even try to be condescending by “teaching” me the law.

        Second, when I say saving them from captivity, it was a legitimate question to INTELLIGENT (which does not include you) people on this blog which could guide me to groups that advocate for the release of these whales. Just because it is illegal it does not mean that there are no captive whales at the present time and they do not deserve to be released to sanctuaries (which this answers your other condescending reply to another commenter).

        Third, when I say that Seaworld does not release that information I was speaking about the huge number of reports of accidents and injuries to trainers by captive whales, the history of Tilikum and all the information provided in the documentary. You would know that if you would have watched it instead of trolling this blog.

        Please refrain from visiting this site and commenting if you are just going to troll around here. I will no further entertain your stupid comments and replies.

      • January 2, 2014 4:46 pm

        Amanda, this blog does not seem to be a good fit for you. You are very condescending and disrespectful. No one here is a dumbass who is advocating that these whales just be released into the wild….! Lol. We are advocating for remaining whales in captivity to be released into sea sanctuaries, where they are not used for profit and raped for their resources. Where they can have space and when they cry/speak, not having their cries bounce back at them because of the concrete walls, causing great anxiety and stress. Whales in captivity, along with other animals such as elephants in circuses JUST DO NOT BELONG THERE. There is way too much research and way too much out there on how this life in captivity is NOT humane to the animals. And you speak of SeaWorld working with whales they already got and breeding them in captivity as if it is not a big deal….? Have you done any research on that…..? Because, actually, it IS a very big deal. Mothers are impregnated at a very unnatural age, there are often complications that sometimes have resulted in mothers being left to bleed out and die, the young are taken away WAY WAY WAY too early, causing further trauma to the mother whale, and unbelievable emotional/psychological damage to the young whale. Captive breeding is not a conservatory measure….it is a cruelty. Please find another blog to be ignorant on.

      • Sophie Nuttall permalink
        January 5, 2014 2:09 am

        Dearest Amanda,
        I think at this point we are all urging you to watch a few orcas in the wild documentaries, this seems to be the correct order. There are many on youtube, which are only about 20 minutes long, in case you get bored. I believe that after that, and after reading a little bit about their natural behaviour, you will surely view this serious matter quite differently, I beg of you to find these documentaries, and do a bit of online based research. . . good luck!

      • April 6, 2014 4:00 am

        I have a great idea Amanda or anyone else that would support sea world! How about we build you an enclosure, put you in a closet from 5 pm to 7 am every night, starving hungry, put physically abusive people in with you, then demand you stand on your head and wave your arms, but you have to do it we’ll or you won’t get fed, finally let’s isolate you from everyone including all of your family for the rest of your life and to be of great use we will continually breed you and take your children away. Maybe you should go shack up at Seaworld if you think this is such a non issue. I lived in Victoria, saw where they kept the whales and remember Tilikum from Seaworld. Really you cannot see the forest for the trees here?

        • April 6, 2014 4:04 am

          Anyone needing clarification on my comment, watch Blackfish!

    • January 8, 2014 8:35 pm

      Yes!!! I feel the same way, but I am using FB to get my friends involved. has a petition that you can sign online to help Tilli. They also inform you of other ways to help free Tilli. Boycott SeaWorld, use their model letter to sent to SeaWorld Corporate. Any way you can help. Thank.s

  39. elizabeth permalink
    December 26, 2013 2:11 pm

    Blackfish movie was a sad documentary. I still dont inderstand the deaths linked tp the whales havent caused it to shutdown or not let whales be captive. I agree that animals do get captive so us humans can get a closer look at them and learn, but in truth appaprently learning about animals hasnt done anything when we obviously capture and continue to mistreat, please free them all!!!

    • Lydia permalink
      December 26, 2013 6:04 pm

      What is truly sad is that most of the captive whales may not be able to go back to the ocean, as they do not have any pods to go to, they may have had their teeth drilled out, so unable to catch prey properly, or may have even forgotten how to live in the wild, or may have been taken right from birth or within a few days of, and do not know how to fend for themselves………… they should be released to a sanctuary where they could live out their lives peacefully, and happily…… happy as can be without returning to their true natural habitat. But, if ANY of the orcas could be sent back into the wild knowing they could survive, than that should be the plan for them, truly.

  40. December 23, 2013 3:15 am

    I just watched Blackfish and and cried for poor Tilikum. What a terrible injustice he has gotten from Sea World. It DISGUSTS me that they do these horrific things to sea creatures. Learning about whales and their lifestyles in the wild, it SICKENS me that Sea World has done these HORRIFIC cruelties to these beautiful and majestic creatures all in the name of a lousy buck!!! I vow to NEVER attend ANY type of attraction such as this ever again. When I was a child I had gone to Sea World in Geauga Lake, Ohio. Being so young and not understanding the full impact of what they do, now to me as an adult, is just HEARTBREAKING. How DARE you try to FOOL the PUBLIC into believing such a SHAM……it is absolutely shameless. Tearing Orca’s from their pods and families in the ocean, taking baby calves from their mothers causing pain and suffering to them in your OWN environment when it is possibly the only joy they have in their lives, Overbreeding and having them bleed out and die, all of this is just so SENSELESS…. CRUEL…. INHUMANE…. and MUST be STOPPED ASAP!!! Trying to cover up the truth saying that you do so many other good things, is like trying to hide it under a rug. ANY marine animal that is in your park is in JEOPARDY as far as I am concerned. I can see the concept of Sea World was probably a wonderful thing to show the public………get up close and personal to these magnificent creatures, but, at what COST???? I would rather see pictures in a book ANY DAY, than to know the AWFUL TRUTH behind the scenes of what you do on a daily basis with these poor caged animals that are meant to be FREE. Free to live their life as GOD INTENDED, NOT man’s choice………. NOT GREEDY MAN’S CHOICE. You need to stop these terrible practices and figure out ways, with all the millions you make, to give the animals BETTER living conditions, BIGGER areas for them to feel somewhat free to roam and be happy, MATES and TOYS and FRIENDS for them, so they are not solitary and lonely, keep Mother and Child together, and stop OVERBREEDING the females, or else……. SHUT DOWN!!!!! I came to Sea World as a child to gain a wonderful marine experience, knowing that the animals were cared for and taken care of, not to be part of a sham of a misleading chain of IMPROPRIETY and ILLUSION and LIES……. SHAPE UP SEA WORLD OR SHIP OUT!!!!

    • Ruben ortiz permalink
      December 23, 2013 9:42 am

      I think your point is good but how about elephants, Tigers, etc…how about all the zoos that keep wilder beasts and zebras, which migrate long distances…how about the circus, in which they use corporal punishment to train the poor elephants….
      How about shutting them down also. The problem is bigger than just Sea World…it is a “man” problem.
      We need to make laws that restrict these kinds of activities such as circus, zoos and other shows that put animals in situations that they were not born to do.
      I don’t go to circuses, and stay away from zoos. If you don’t support them, they don’t exist. Period.
      Disney also had some lions and other animals die at their Animal Kingdom park as well. That park is nothing but a glorified zoo. Let’s not just say $ea World…..let’s I say all of them.

      • Lydia permalink
        December 26, 2013 12:21 am

        I agree with you Ruben, about the circuses, zoo’s, etc. Any theme park obviously is in it for the $$$, but hopefully cares about the animals, too. All to often, though, that is not the case, unfortunately. I expressed issues with Sea World, only, as this blog was about Tilikum and the mistreated orcas and other sea life there with the release of the movie documentary “Blackfish”.

        • Sophie Nuttall permalink
          January 5, 2014 2:18 am

          Yes, I think those of us who are conscious of the suffering, (needless suffering) which goes on there should make an active an conscious (sorry my spellin g is bad at 5 in the mornign) to spread the word, sooooooooo many people don’t know, neighbours friends, schools, and kids, are so innocent, once the word is out, they won’t be enjoying, and are so active themselves. . . the could boycott Seaworld entirely on their own, just by refusing to go!!! Wild animals belong in the wild!!!!!!!!!

      • Sophie Nuttall permalink
        January 5, 2014 2:22 am

        Yes, I think of course they all need to go. But lets put all our strongest efforts on the whales for now. It’s gaining so much momentum as we speak. Please spread the word. It’s so important. Humans, we aren’t bad, we just haven’t known any better. Of course there are a few badies. But basically this is just allowed because good people refuse to act. We KNOW it’s bad, but we still train the poor things, work as secretaries for Seaworld, clean the floors for them. It’s our survival. But yes, it’s criminal. We who now have the power, have the responsibilty of showing and spreading the news of how beautiful a creature the orca is, how social they are, how much bigger their brain is! haha. But really. . . lets do everything we can for now to help. . . . from there the rest will be easier. If we can “dismantle” a giant like seaworld, the rest will follow in good time. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU> > > > > > > tad corny e?

    • January 8, 2014 8:38 pm

      I agree with you. Please be proactive and go to site On this site is a petition with 90,000 signature so far asking SeaWorld to put Tilli back where he belongs. There is a model letter to copy and send to SeaWorld Corporate which is owned by Blackstone. Get your friends to participate, use your social media outlets, ask everyone to Boycott SeaWorld in Florida. If they are hit in the wallet, Tilli will be freed sooner.

  41. jdwash11 permalink
    December 22, 2013 6:26 pm

    Why has this thing not been put down yet? That is the real question.

    • December 23, 2013 3:21 am

      This THING is a beautiful, majestic, loving, intelligent, creature that was meant to be in its natural habitat……….not to be “PUT DOWN” like a sick dog. Why you even bothered to read about this and leave such a cold-hearted response is the REAL question here.

    • December 23, 2013 5:14 am

      uh…”real question”? no, asking why “it” isn’t being put down is not the real question here. the issue is not that Tilikum is some rabbid dog that is a threat….he is a mammal more evolved than a human in some aspects, that has had his life stolen from him and is being raped for his “resources”. The real question is how can we further spread the word, pray for these animals to be released, and educate ourselves and others in what the (edited by TOP) is really going on in these marine zoos and corporations. The real question is when the hell is MAN going to WAKE UP and stop raping the earth and its’ creatures?

    • Gort permalink
      December 25, 2013 12:24 am

      Yep, just like any other animal that kills humans this thing needs to be put down before he gets the chance to kill for a forth time. I get that he was mistreated and all but that isn’t a reason to risk more lives. Most human serial killers were also mistreated at some point in their life but that isn’t a sufficient excuse to let them continue to kill. Many or most of the other Orcas in captivity have also been mistreated but they aren’t responsible for killing anyone.

      • Lydia permalink
        December 26, 2013 12:14 am

        Tilikum doesn’t need to be put down, but should be put in a sea sanctuary for the rest of the life he has left. A place where he can have freedom to roam, be with some of his own kind that will not hurt him, and not be so lonely and unhappy. Serial killers and whales are 2 different things. Men have supreme intelligence, while whales, though intelligent, are not on the same levels as humans. Sometimes It is the humans who act more like animals than the animals do. While it may be true about other captive orcas not killing anyone………….. they may not have had a chance to do so, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t. Animals and mammals are “WILD”, which means they cannot be trusted to behave the way we expect them to, even if we have tried to train them and they appear docile. Maybe the other orcas did not necessarily have the same cruel treatment as Tilikum had. None of the other orcas were at SEALAND back in the 70’s, either. Did you watch “Blackfish”, or are you just responding to the deaths you have heard about through the media??? I assure you that there have been many, many other incidents with OTHER orcas in captivity that could have ended in death, but, luckily for those people, they did not. You just do not here about them.

    • Sophie Nuttall permalink
      January 5, 2014 2:24 am

      You have to be careful when you play with life. The reason we shouldn’t put “it” down, is because we humans created the mess, and we should really try very hard to correct it as best we can, the difficult way, not take the easy short cut and just kill it. That would probably have effects on those peoples lives, similar to war veterans from Vietnam.

    • January 8, 2014 8:39 pm

      Hmmmmm……he still has a viable life. Are you not informed? See Black Fish or read about him on the Internet. You will understand then.

  42. Theresa Pugh permalink
    December 21, 2013 5:26 pm

    Free Tili or start showing him some attention! Heartless and cruel to keep him penned up! I don’t hate normally, But I hate you $eaworld. He probably wouldn’t survive in the wild because you have ground all his teeth down. Kharma is going to visit you real soon. Hold on to your wallets, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! FREE TILI!

    • Sophie Nuttall permalink
      January 5, 2014 2:14 am

      Hey Theresa. . .

      It’s not unnatural to hate. . . but only if the actions causing your hate truly “deserve” that reaction. I think that these cruel people, more than anything, they just don’t know right from wrong. I think that it is the responsibilty of people like us, and most of us on this blog to start spreading the word. . . to keep on spreading the word about blackfish and this great blog, and so many others. I know at times to my family and friends I seem stupid, but another thing that has to end in society is the stigmatization of feelings like remorse, hatred for people who are cruel and inflict pain on other beings, and feelings that are not understood such as depression, etc. Then, people will be more free. . . one step closer to making more fertile ground for these precious creatures to be released! The reason so many people have been tricked into going and enjoying (!) these shows, is that so many important feelings of ours are taboo. . . therefore, part of us is asleep, and millions of people witnessed these shows and very very sadly very few of us reacted. But that is just the first step. . . thank god for Blackfish. The few of us who now know, we have to help others to know. . . . we can do this together!!!! Thanks for your words :)

      • January 8, 2014 8:40 pm


  43. Hayley permalink
    December 19, 2013 6:22 pm

    This is so sad, I can’t believe that a million dollar corporation won’t provide basic necessities for these orcas. They definitely need to be freed

    • January 8, 2014 8:42 pm

      Contact them! Write them a letter! Start a social media campaign. Tell his story. Host a Black Fish party and watch the documentary. Have letters to sign and ask people to sign the petition to free him on

  44. December 17, 2013 1:25 pm

    This is just so sad. I am kind of new to learning about orcas, but I have garnered a lot of knowledge about them recently, and I firmly believe that the right thing is for all of these parks and other places that are holding orcas to set them free back into the ocean. Sure, they may not be accepted into a pod right away or maybe at all, but at least they would have their freedom and all the space they require to move about.

  45. Krista O permalink
    December 16, 2013 10:23 pm

    Terribly saddened by Tilikum’s story. So clear he needs to be rehabilitated from his soul destroying life. What small part can I play to have him released? Who can I pester? Write to? What can I do to put pressure on SeaWorld?

    • Nancy permalink
      December 20, 2013 3:00 pm

      I am wondering this too. I wish I could free these Orcas. They deserve to live in their natural habitat and not serve as slaves because that is how seaworld are treating them.

      • Theresa Pugh permalink
        December 21, 2013 5:28 pm

        Krista~Join us at Blackfish. There is a widespread movement going on to empty these tanks. Find Paige Nelson on FB or just type in Blackfish in your search.. Join our ranks. We care. $eaworld is only in it for the money!

  46. Jessica permalink
    December 16, 2013 10:14 pm

    I watched Blackfish tonight for first time and completely disgusted with Sea World I used to love going and see these amazing orcas. Now I see this and it kills me. I will never again give my money to Sea World! I wish someone would start a foundation to get a sea pen set up raise money for the care of orcas and buy them from sea world, especially Tillikum!! Tillikum deserves to live out the rest of his life happy. All young orcas released back into wild and olders whales live out their lives in large sea pens!

    • Theresa Pugh permalink
      December 21, 2013 5:29 pm

      Please read “Death At Seaworld. Amazon has a Kindle edition for 9.00. This will blow you away!

  47. holly permalink
    December 15, 2013 8:31 am

    Its so sad that as a nation of animal lovers we can’t provide adequate care for a whale that has been abused and forsaken for its entire life! I hope that some day this poor animal is released to a better, well equipped sanctuary that will provide interaction and TLC. I understand there reservations around him, but this is what happens when we steal an animal from the wild and expect it to be our puppet! I hope one day we don’t have places like Seaworld. They serve no purpose! At least with some zoo’s they have conservation programmes. I hope someone sees senses and helps not only Tilikum but other used whales!

    • Sophie Nuttall permalink
      January 5, 2014 2:29 am

      The power is yours!!! You can do it!! Imagine that these efforts to show people the truth, you can repeat it too. Basically, show the movie to others, try to reach people, the internet has many organizations which will show you what to do. If people stop going, then they HAVE to shut down. I used to be lazy about these things. But places like PETA, CHANGE< WWF. . . soooooooo many more, this very website!!!, they all will let you help if you liked. this would change your life, improve your sleep! Imagine being an actrive part of this!!! I am thinking of an essay to write. . . doing loads of research, the kind of thing you would tell lawyers, and convince people in high places, with power, business like minds, to donate to wake up, to help. . . . the more people like you and me who do this, the better chance we have. . . . contact people in your community. . . be creative. . . . or go to PETA. . . this is our generations chacne to STAND UP. . . and show the authorities that while WE are alive. . . these actions will have consequences, we are very much alive, and totally the supreme voice for our animals on our planet which we share together. :)

  48. December 13, 2013 2:16 am

    I can’t understand these people at sea world!!! We educate them about. Better habitat for Tilikum, and yet they still do NOTHING to help the poor animal!!! All of you at Sea World ought to be ashamed of yourselves!!! I don’t care who you are or what you are,!!! You are mean, cruel and inhamne for keeping an orca in captivity!!! I would kill myself in sacrifice to free animals. That is how much I care!! Whales and EVERY living thing needs. Companionship in ordr to survive, and be healthy!!@ he didn.’t have shade???!!! Are you kidding???!! If this world was good there wouldn.’t be a sea world! You stole his life, and his privacy and freedom, but you are too stupid and ignorant to get it!! I hope karma comes back to haunt you!! Either that or some miracle to save the whales!! God will. Be the judge of you when you enter judgement day ignorance and selfishness is NO. Excuse!!! What goes around comes arounds!!!! Ha ha ha!!

  49. December 8, 2013 10:39 pm

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